TPOB products are built to the highest professional national & international standards, so you can rest assured when purchasing a new TPOB tool that it will perform to the highest standard.
In the unlikely case that there is a fault with an item purchased, it can be replaced or repaired under warranty, if it is found to be defective in materials or workmanship and you have complied with the manufacturer's operating and maintenance instructions. 

All full price items come with a 1 year parts warranty. 

However there is an admin fee for products more than 90 days old as follows:

Handling & Processing Fees
If your item is 90 days old or less - £0/$0
If your item is 90 days old but less than 1 year - £19/$25
If your item is more than a year old - £40/$50

You must have your proof of purchase from an authorised seller in order to make a claim.
If you purchased at a discount you may be eligible for repair or credit note.

The returns process depends on whether you are UK based or international and also on the date of purchase of your product. 

Please provide as much information as possible including images and video if possible.

 Once we have received your warranty application and the fault has been established we will advise you of the next steps required.

Returns to the repair centre are at customers expense.



This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear such as shorts in the power supply cord or plug, or excessive product build-up on plates or scratched or damaged plates or damage due to accident, misuse or abuse such as: dropping (broken housing, broken hinges, loose plates, rattling noise, etc.), wrong voltage supply, or neglect in safety precautions; or tampering such as repair or attempted repair by unauthorised person, or use of unauthorised attachments.

Wearable parts such as blades, foil heads, or cutters are not covered under the 1-year warranty. If your product wears out or becomes damaged over time, we recommend purchasing a replacement blade, foil, or cutter.

This Warranty may be void if your clippers are not maintained. If they arrive at the repair department and they are clogged with hair and have not been cleaned and oiled that is not a defect, but rather lack of maintenance and as such the warranty may be void, and the clippers will not be repaired.

If your item is covered under the warranty TPOB  will repair or replace the item and ship it back to you. 
This process normally takes 14-28 days from when we received your item, possibly longer for USA customers due to logistical issues.
If it is not possible to repair and a replacement of the exact same item is not available, then you will be offered an equivalent product of equal value. 
If there is no suitable product in stock then you will be given store credit. Refunds will not be available.

If your item is NOT covered under the warranty:
 we will contact you and ask if you want to have the item repaired. The labour fee of £40 GBP / $50 USD would apply. We would then ship the item out to you. This process normally takes 1-2 weeks from when we contact you.

If you feel you have a defective product please complete the form below and send to

BUT please do not ship any equipment without contacting TPOB Customer Service, all unauthorised shipments will be rejected from the warehouse.

When returning items your name, address, and details of the problem must be inside. 
You must also agree to provide tracking details to support in order for us to confirm receipt of your item.

FAILURE TO DO SO will invalidate your warranty.

You must complete the claim in full with written details of the problem, images and a video, otherwise your claim will be returned for completion.