CHAV Clipper Pink
CHAV Clipper Pink
CHAV Clipper Pink

CHAV Clipper Pink

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Black DLC TPOB Fade Blade 

Magic Clip Motor

2400 mah Battery

Please add TOMB45 Battery and Magnetic Guards in the drop down menu


Design you ultimate clipper!  TPOB MODZ is a new project that allows you to design a clipper to your own specification!


Either choose one of our ready made modded machines and add parts...

or start from scratch and pick everything yourself!



Choose your Outer Blade from the standard blade, Gold Blade, Black titanium Blade and various other custom blades from the worlds best known Barber Brands.

Now for the Inner Blade each Outer Blade comes as a matching set, but you can change this to ceramic in various colours if you wish!

Case Cover & Motor Cover

Choose from various different colour schemes from standard matt Black to Rainbow and Toxic Green

Battery type & Colour 

We have 2 types of battery, a standard Wahl 2400 MAH battery, or a 3400 MAH Battery similar to the upgrade sold by TOMB 45, please read below for information on this Battery.

LONGER BATTERY LIFE - THE 3400MAH Battery replacement for WAHL ® clippers professional has 3400MASH capacity and 3.7 volts giving you 50% more battery life. It offers added protection against over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat, over-current and short-circuit making it safe to use on your hair clippers.
DURABLE AND RECHARGEABLE - Our 3400MAH battery has been designed to meet requirements needed for higher levels of energy. Composed of lithium ion, it offers higher energy density and voltage capacity providing better power efficiency to WAHL ® hair clippers for men. With Grade A cell material, it is rechargeable, fast charging and has low power consumption.
*Please note that only the standard battery is currently available in all colours!

Charging Stand
Choose a wireless charging stand in various colours